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Radar Imagery

Archived radar imagery is easily our most requested product.  While we have the ability to display essentially any Nexrad radar product from the National Weather Service, the most common requests are for base reflectivity (a traditional radar image) and estimated precipitation (radar estimates of how much rain/precipitation has fallen in a given location).  We also occasionally receive requests for base velocity images, which give an idea of winds aloft associated with thunderstorms.

Base Reflectivity
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Base Reflectivity Image of NC "Tornadocane"

Base reflectivity image of what the Storm Prediction Center refers to as the North Carolina "Tornadocane".  The image was captured by the National Weather Service radar in Wilmington, NC on April 15, 1999.  This supercell thunderstorm produced several tornadoes, but resembled a "mini-hurricane" in appearance.
Estimated Precipitation
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Rain Estimate from Mobile, AL During Hurricane Danny in 1997

Estimated precipitation image showing mammoth rains around Mobile Bay associated with Hurricane Danny in 1997.  The white shading indicates more than 11" of rainfall, but the maximum value estimated over Mobile Bay was 42"!
Base Velocity
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Base Velocity Image Showing Strong Winds Over Baton Rouge, LA

Base velocity image showing strong winds associated with thunderstorms over Baton Rouge, LA on March 26, 2009.  The light green shading represents winds of 57 knots (~66 mph).  A wind gust of 58 knots (67 mph) was recorded at Baton Rouge Metro Airport at this time.

Past Weather Information

Historical weather information is available for hundreds of locations around the U.S.  Most often, clients request temperature and precipitation data, but winds, humidity, barometric pressure and other variables can sometimes be retrieved.  Depending on the date and location, we can retrieve monthly, daily, and sometimes hourly weather observations.

Hourly Observations

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Sample Hourly Weather Observation Report for Miami, FL 
A sample hourly weather observation report for Miami, FL.  Click on the image above to see hourly reports for Miami on Aug. 24, 1992 -- the day that Hurricane Andrew made landfall as a Category 5.

Daily Summaries
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 Daily Weather Summary for New York, NY

A sample daily weather summary report for New York, NY.  Click on the image above to see the daily summary for New York on Sept. 11, 2001 -- the day of the 9/11 terrorist attacks..

Monthly Summaries
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Monthly Weather Summary for Dallas, TX

A sample monthly weather summary report for Dallas, TX.  Click on the image above to see the monthly summary for Dallas during July 1980.  The high temperature topped 100° everyday that month, with an incredible average high of 105°.

Storm Reports

The National Weather Service and its related agencies maintain an extensive archive of severe weather reports.  Daily summaries of tornadoes, hail, and wind damage are available across the country.  While reports have become more numerous in recent years thanks to better technology and more assistance from the public, the archives extend back as far as 1950 for tornadoes, and 1955 for hail and wind damage.  Below is a daily summary of tornado reports across the U.S. for May 4, 2007 -- the day an F5 tornado leveled the community of Greensburg, KS.

Tornado Reports from May 4, 2007

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Weather Summary Reports

CapWeather can also take any combination of the above products, plus other weather data not mentioned, and compile a summary report of the weather conditions for a given time/location.  These reports are particularly useful for attorneys who need to know what impact, if any, weather may have had on their case.  If you're interested in seeing an example of a summary report, please contact us.